Crocodile passenger aircraft

Thursday, August 27, 2009

EgyptAir Passengers who want to Cairo, Abu Dhabi, may not forget their new flight experience. We're on the air, the passengers realize there are kids crocodile loose in their plane.

Only 30 cm in length, but still some people screamed in surprise when I saw this reptile animals crawling on the sidelines of the passenger seat. But the excitement did not last long, because, as released by AFP, Saturday (1/8/2009), the flight crew managed to catch him.

It is unknown how these small crocodiles can be up to board the plane. When he arrived in Cairo, all the passengers who have not questioned that claim to be the owner of carnivorous animals that eventually handed over to the Giza Zoo, Cairo, Egypt, the.

In 2007 the security forces seized more than 250 children crocodiles, snakes, and chameleons who want smuggled from Egypt. Poor animals also eventually be submitted to the Giza Zoo, Cairo, Egypt.


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