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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pet owners in Japan are currently saving in the economy was in recession. If they normally bring pets to the salon, now they choose to bathe dogs and cats in the automatic washing machine.
Any user of this machine more and more, as one of the machines sold in the supermarkets called Joyful Honda in suburban Tokyo.

Machine wash and dry cat and dog for approximately 3.5 pounds or $ 5. Prices are spelled out very cheap, because it is usually for the treatment of such dogs will be charged 20 pounds.

Naka Honda says the owner of the supermarket, the machine is not scary, but it needs adjustment. As he did with his dog Benji, type of Yorkie.

"Benji was not like the dryer, but he'll do it for the owner stood in front of the glass, right in front of the machine," he added.

The process took about pencuciang for 33 minutes, washing with shampoo, rinsing and drying. The process is recognized using pure ozone water and all safe.

There was even one of the owners of animals who tested the machine. He demonstrated himself into and through the stages of the washing process is all


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