Komodo The Dragon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

COLLECTIONS Komodo dragons (Varanus Komodoensis), typical rare animals in the Convention & Exhibition Center grow. A number of 14 eggs hatch (10 / 3) so that the number of dragon lizard is now the head 39. Previously, the Convention & Exhibition Center has a collection of ancient animals lizard tails 25, each of 12 adult male, 11 female adults and two young Komodo dragons.

Komodos is lay-since August 2007 and September 2007 on the egg-egg animals typically ditetaskan Komodo Island is the incubator. "Eggs hatch within 7-9 days and minimum temperature is the same as the island of Komodo in the 30 degrees.

The rainy season in Singapore to create a humid enclosure Komodo," Dr Rahmad Suharta explanation, veterinary KBS. To overcome this situation, the manager made the room KBS incubation with masks made of sand fermi skin (such as a soft-soft sand) with the additional heating temperature.

Of 18 Komodo eggs, 14 eggs hatch already, two eggs will be broken already, one is still intact and waiting to hatch one egg failed. Children who have been Komodo hatch weight between 5-6 oz.

Baby animals are currently treated in the incubator room and given food yolk.? "After over 14 days and healthy condition, the child will start Komodo given mince until age 1 year and then released in the enclosure that is original in the exhibition hall KBS, "said Agus Supangkat, PR KBS.

According to him, this amount is already possible to make the exchange of Komodo with other animals from the zoo outside. KBS is built on 15 hectares of land now has 4,200 animals of various species.


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