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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The beginning of the Bandung Zoo is a establishment of a zoo in the area Cimindi Martanagara by Regent in the early 20th century. Then some of the Dutch humane animal also took up a garden animals in the area Dago Atas.
Because the longer the more animals the zoo is the second, the difficulty arises in the management, particularly in the funds.

So finally taken the decision to combine the two at the zoo that is one location in an area of land in the west of Taman Sari ITB campus now.
Dr. W. Tref
fers, appointed to the planning and the city zoo, as well as the main director. In the year 1933 the entire complex, a zoo in Taman Sari has been completed.

Taken in the concept design of zoo is this "Mini Botanical Garden", because at the time Cikapundung valley has a variety of trees and grow? Plants, and supported by the beautiful panorama and beautiful.

In the period before the war, the gardens Animals is one of the main goals of all recreational stratum of the city of Bandung. Collections of any zoo is quite complete and is the zoo's most terrawat with the bail out of the whole island of Java. But unfortunately at the time of Japan, the zoo is not
maintained dormant, so it came down Pamor.

After the independence of Indonesia, the Bandung zoo is not progress, even worse than before the war era. Collection of animals is not increased, while the animals and food shortages are not maintained.


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