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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zoo? What's interesting? Sure its content is the same, there are elephant, tiger, monkey, various birds, and others that! Comments that do not actually wrong.

Precisely because public opinion as it is, Asahiyama Dobutsuen (Fraser Asahiyama) opened the first time this year in 1967 to bankruptcy and nearly closed. Dramatically decreased the number of visitors because tourists see the animals in narrow circumstances, are sit, or sleep. What is preposterous?

The management and conduct innovation.

This natural ability of animals exploited before the visitor. Pesona congenital birth so that it can be so distinctive charm. Animals of the Asahiyama are no longer visible sit or even sleep when in approach.

The result, in July 2004 the number of visits to explode beyond Asahiyama Zoos Ueno in Tokyo. In 2005, the number of visitors reached more than 2 million people, and the number is increasing. Tourists not only from the region of Japan. Asahiyama has now become magnet for tourists from all over the world!

That they are words that sound hectic corner to corner of the area when a group of Asahiyama King Penguin walk with dragging their feet in a long line.

Action penguin is not rare flop on the snow is to attract visitors to the zoo. But only briefly. The penguin and then right again and keep up with the step following a tow friends.

The penguin visitors and close together without a fence or rope. This is the penguin parade at the Winter Garden Animals Asahiyama. King Penguin interact in large groups, and their long-distance running along to the place where they eat.

This is the innovation that made the manager Asahiyama. They let this penguins parade that remain active in winter. Attractions that are animals practice in this natural. Freedom is what distinguishes Asahiyama with other zoo.

Animals with the behavior of their mercurial nature very impressive and visitors. Animals is clearly visible happy with their environment, thanks to a number of innovations introduced by the zoo animals.

For example, penguin aquarium, home of the four types of penguin, including the current King Penguin parade earlier. They dive in the pool of those who swim there and here. Meanwhile, visitors walk through a glass tunnel in the water along the width of the pond. Penguin hang on every corner so fast in the water so it is difficult to imagine that they are the same animals that were dragged there feet on the snow here.

Which is also interesting aquarium seals. Vertical tube with a diameter of 1.5 meters of water and this shows the action that seals up and down along the 'glass pipeline' is. Tube called the Sea Road is also a connector on the top of the pond and large pond that in the lower part.

Seals this sometimes stop for visitors who pay to see them. And see each other as if seals are also enjoying the presence of many people.


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