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Monday, June 1, 2009

Program animals foster parents is a program where you are working with the Indonesian Safari Park with how to become a foster parent for the new baby animals born or the age of five by the livestock in Indonesia Safari Park. As a foster parent of the animals that you select here, you can see the growth of the baby animals, and in addition you can also give a name that you like to 'foster child' you can eat, play and learn fhoto when you come to Park Safari and you can adopt more than one baby animals that are here.

The goal of this program is to spread the message of conservation with the wider community to bring more love animals-wildlife is endangered. With this program we also provide the opportunity for people to love and interact more closely with these animals.
To start this program you must note the following:
1. Fill out the registration form and select the animals you want to adopt, such as tiger, spotted tiger, lion, Orang Utan, chimpanzee, elephant, honey bears, gibbon, bekantan, Komodo dragons, snakes and birds.
2. Taman Safari Indonesia party to give confirmation on the animals you choose to be adopted and if approved will be issued a certificate stating that you, as foster parents of these animals.
3. Funds for conservation as foster parents of animals herbivora and omnivora:
o The period of 6 months: Rp 6,000,000, - (six million rupiah)
o Period of 12 months: Rp 12.000.000, - (twelve million)
Meanwhile, funds for conservation as foster parents for animals karnivora:
o The period of 6 months: Rp 10.000.000, - (ten million rupiah)
o 12-month period: Rp.20.000.000, - (twenty million rupiah)
As a foster parent of the animals in Safari Park Indonesia, you have the right to:
1. Visit to Taman Safari Indonesia for 1 time period you become a foster parent (invitation valid for 4 people) with the first alert to the ticketing staff Safari Park visit Indonesia on the date you select, in order to ensure you have the time to interact more with the old your foster child is.
2. On a visit that has been agreed you can around the animals first and then find a 'foster child' and to ask about any keeper who cared for them (karnivora for animals such as tiger, lion, tiger and so there is a certain time limit on each visit) .
3. Giving the name to 'foster child' you are.
4. You also get a voucher:
 Elephant Safari Trail (maximum 2 people in 1 adventures)
 Spending on caravan Camping Ground
 Following the Safari Track program and out bond
5. Finally, you will be introduced as a foster parent animals Taman Safari Indonesia in our magazine: "Safari News".
For more information you can contact the Public Relation and Marketing Taman Safari Indonesia in the 0251 8250 000 ext: 5175/4508, email:


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