Elephants can also stress

Monday, June 22, 2009

Officials preserve India invited a series of experts, to calm some of the elephants be due to stress. Elke Riesterer, who has worked six years in the Fraser Oakland (California), Wednesday ber mixed for several hours with the elephants at the colony edge River Yamuna. Rivers that zigzag across New Delhi, the capital of India.

Riesterer uses a combination of several techniques to estimate the ordinal level of stress that mammals. This pioneering work''that I do on the elephant. But I feel very confident, there will be a change,''he said.

''Elephant-elephant here is very tense, especially because the atmosphere in which they not be comfortable.''''He uses techniques of healing touch''to handle the elephants and between 15 minutes to one hour. He started with massage foot-paw, then the ear, and face and head. Executive Director of the Foundation Night Markets India Vivek stop Riesterer said the visit is just one step in dealing with all the conditions in India elephant cage. Most of the elephants that used to be working hard in the forest, or jazz up marriage parties.


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