King Cobra

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cobra snake has a latin name naja sputatrix. Snake is a snake species that has a type of poison neurotoksin and hemotoksin. When a victim of this type of snake it can inject / canine toxic poison through his blood into the vessel to its prey.

Type of result can be toxic when bitten hemotoksin cause pain is incredible, it will feel like a burn hot. Therefore it can be helpful as sinyalemen and help can be done immediately. Unlike the snakes, which only has a type of poison neurotoksin, the victim will not feel any pain at all, and often victims do not even feel bitten. Therefore, usually cobra snake bite victims can still help because most of the speed.

Snake cobra spreading very wide, ranging brush, fields, and rice field, and even into the home. Cobra snake species usually nest in the rat hole that is not used anymore, or after it in the rat by their prey. In the parent's nest and lay eggs cobra to guard hatch.

Food than normal mice in prey are frogs, fish, birds, chick, lizard, and others. Perfuse a cobra snake poison to immobilize it ago a type of poultry to inject its poison through his canine. But the poison in the spray is not as strong with the poison injected directly into the vein.

Cobra snake the neck and body erect when feel threatened and are ready to inject its poison. The target is always the victim's eyes. Can be affected by poison or the human eye will cause temporary blindness and can heal itself when washed with the water flow.

Cobra snake is also used by many medical experts from China for use as drugs. For blood and empedunya usually used as herb medicine in various diseases. Special to the usual meat used for the therapy of skin diseases that are difficult to be cured, such as eczema. Snake meat is usually presented in the form of a serpent abon it's very tasty and delicious.


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