Friday, June 19, 2009

CHERAX DESTRUCTOR is a type of freshwater lobster is among the 100 known species Lat living in Australia. They can be found from the New South Wales to the plains around the continent Australia. Cause of the wide adaptability they can start from the cold lake in the cold mountains Snowy fleshy, up to a hot region.

CHERAX DESTRUCTOR can be said the food is a tribe native Australia (Aboriginal). At least it has done since 28,000 years ago, based on the findings arkeologis local.

In general, CHERAX DESTRUCTOR found in lakes, peat swamp, dam, irrigation, and also in rivers. They include rock resistant. In the dry season they will survive with a hole in the ground. In fact, they are able to make a hole depth of 5 meters. At the time of season and then they go out to find food, migrate and marry.

In place of origin, CHERAX DESTRUCTOR sometimes cause a dam failure. This usually happens when the dam wall is less than 2 meters, and often changes the surface of the water, as is common in rice fields. However, such incidents are rarely found on the dam walls of thickness more than 6 meters.


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