Dobermann ( Gun Dog )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dobermann is a mutt named "Schnuppe" (Dogs gray soft) which is integrated with the dog butcher (Butchers Dog). Goeller later claimed that the German Shepherd dog (German Shepherd), short blond dog (Gun Dog), Great Dane and the German Pinscher is also taking part.

An article in a magazine about dogs in Germany in the year 1898 states, "At the end of 1860, the owner field in the clay which is called Apolda" Dietsch "bitch has grayish blue, part of the Pinscher she marries a dog with a butcher color black. Parent already has the characteristics and signs of the cross between the Dog and Sheep Dogs slaughterman. Herr Dobermann, who unfortunately died too early, the two men cross a dog and the dog warden with German Pinscher. That is the origin Dobermann Dogs. "

In the year 1901, Richard Strebel (German Authority for K9) write, "It is very doubtful Dobermann Pinscher is actually Pinscher, there is a possibility for more is classified as a sheep dog."

Dobermann Club Germany in the year 1933 investigating the origins of culture and decided that fathers are the main Dobermann German Pinscher. But in the year 1947 Herr Gruenig writing that the Dobermann is most likely descended from Beauceron, the German Pinscher has no similarity in body structure and habits, is also not possible to shoulder high growth average of 40 s / d 70 cm in just 30 years.

However a dog that resembles Dobermann has been around Apolda before Herr Dobermann and start breeding dogs that are crossing from the German Pinscher and Sheepdog.

Beaucerons also has been known in Apolda at that time and the possibility they are the ancestors of Dogs slaughterman (Butchers dog). Dogs slaughterman dog race is not pure. Dobermann dog early times is very similar to butcher dogs and Rottweiler.

In the year 1863, Louis Dobermann Dogs introduce its culture Dobermann dog in the market for the first time in Apolda. At that time he reap great success. Thanks to the service in service-dog type of multiply as we know now enshrined as the Dobermann dog's name


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