Virgin shark reveal the Son of Virginia

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some of the shark appeared to have partenogenesis so that it can be delivered without marrying. For instance a shark kept at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

Fish was reported hiuSeperti Journal of Fish Biology, Friday (10/10), a son of shark that live there do not have the impression is genetic male shark. Sharks come from having a certain shark species from the Atlantic ocean.

Birth is unknown when a female shark named Tidbit that are kept in the aquarium during the 8 year old killed after treatment for a year. When done nekropsi (autopsy), the researchers surprised because in the belly of the fish as long as 1.5 meters and weight of 47 kilograms of baby sharks found along the 25 centimeters. More surprising because there are no male sharks in the aquarium.

This report is the second event on the reproductive aseksual shark. New shark has known the nature partenogenesis of a hammer head shark child, who was born in Zoos Omaha, Nebraska.

"The likelihood partenogenesis normal if the shark population down so low so that a female shark having difficulties looking for a partner," said Mahmood Shivij, scientists from the Guy Harvey Research Institute, University of Florida.

With the usual marriage, a mother shark can give birth dozen offspring. However, with the birth partenogenesis only one child tails.

In addition to fish shark, pertenogenesis found in the amphibian, reptiles, and birds. However, reproductive aseksual this was found more often in animal-vertebrate animals do not.


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