Lobster aged 62 Years

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ALJIER, a fisherman in Algeria successfully encompass a lobster (crayfish sea) aged 62 years. It is rarely found in this northern coastal city of Jijel in Algeria.

Abdelkader, the name of the shrimp trawl fishing is the age of 60 years with the weight of 36 kg and four with the other age ranges between 46 hinga 59 years. Age animal crustacea (shrimp family) is determined by body weight. Therefore the basic rule that the increase in the age of one year the standard weight of 100 grams will increase so forth.

Abdelkader lobster catch was 62 years old which he named "grandfather" in the 300 meters in depth with the other two lobster tails that are 59 years old who were given the name "grandmother and uncle," "mother and father" with the age of 48 and 46 years and two lobster tails, others young.

Abdelkader proudly parade of the catch, but it says for the interest of the shrimp weight was 36 kg and must forfeit the amount of money 120 thousand dinar (1,700 U.S. dollars).


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