Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dolphins are marine mammals that are very smart, in addition to the natural systems that complement the body is very complex. So many technology inspired from the dolphins. One example is the skin of a dolphin is able to reduce friction with the water, so the dolphins can swim with a little water obstacles. This is the swimmer who is used to design clothes that are similar pool dolphin skin.

Dolphins have a system that is used to communicate and receive excitatory called sonar system, the system can avoid the things that are in front of the dolphins, so protected from impact. Technology is then applied in making the submarine radar. Dolphins are mammals. They live in the sea and rivers around the world. Dolphins and whales are relatives pesut. There are more than 40 species of dolphins.

Baby dolphin that was brought to new birth by the mother that can breathe air. Dolphins have to rise to the surface to breathe in order to remain alive. Dolphins breathe air through a hole located at the top of kepalnya. Body that is very slippery and slim fit for swimming. Dolphin mother breastfeeding her child with a susu tasty and provide energy for their children so much faster. Each child's dolphins are always near the mother, so his mother can protect from danger. Dolphins always maintain contact with their children to grow bigger. Mother dolphin with her son to call the child a special whistle that they can recognize.

Dolphins live and work in a group or flock is called. They often play together. A dolphin can not sleep soundly under the water. It can be lost. Therefore, it is half asleep some time in the day. Dolphins eat squid and fish such as mullet fish gray. Sometimes dolphins herd fish flock so easily captured. Dolphins find a way to transmit sound in water. If the vote is about a thing, the sound will be back as a dipantul resonance. Sometimes, rumbling in the sea due to oil drilling can be confusing dolphins. They will have difficulty in sending and receiving messages.

Always interested in the human story of dolphins. Nations have made the Roman image mozaik dolphins around 2000 years ago. Now, people happy with the swim in the sea animals that are as clever and dolphins. Dolphins should be careful of the shark may attack them during the time. They protect the teeth with a tooth, sometimes they use it as part ramrod. Humans can encompass a lot of fish for the dolphins for food. Sometimes, dolphins caught by fishing nets. They can not breathe the breath on the surface, a result they sink. When hazardous chemicals are discarded into the sea, waste that can poison the food eaten by the dolphins. Development of reservoirs in the river and lakes drying leaving only a few places for animals such as dolphins Brazil to live.

Dolphins are mammals classified as intelligent. Dolphins can help people, when the dolphins are trained, even the circle of fire they can cross. Sea lion, Primate species, whales and dogs, including animals that are also intelligent. Dolphins have been trained to perform a variety of attractions and they can also count, but the wild dolphins have not been able to do a variety of attractions. Now this, dolphins and whales are rare, the dolphins and whales should be protected. Dolphins and whales were protected in the world.


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