Brazil Turtle

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Most brazil turtle (red ear slider) that are doomed premature since they hatch. The majority of turtles are sold to the seller is not knowledgeable and they sell turtle this information to buyers without adequate treatment.

Tortoise Trust want the implementation of the law that all the exotic animals can only be sold if the instructions are included on the basis of appropriate maintenance. Each year there are three to four million turtles are exported from brazil United States. Most of them came from farms in Louisiana and Mississippi. The turtle catcher who also provides a natural replacement for the stock of livestock is also responsible for supervising 25,000 - 30,000 adult turtles exported every week for food in the market to foreign (especially in East Asia).

Livestock commercial turtle usually has several artificial swimming pool in which each can contain up to its 13,000 turtles adult layer. The mortality rate is very high that happens every year are caused by stress, disease, nutrition aberration food, less water and the height of its population is too dense. Water, that need to get special attention because of the high contamination by various organisma disease.

The high level of excess turtle adult who does not want her home, but thousands of baby turtles continue diternak every year just to aggravate the problem a human. Most of the baby turtles will die within 3-6 months.

Natural population of turtles has been experiencing intense pressure from loss of habitat due to human. Distribution and extent of the lack of control / collection of trade to make a turtle population increasingly more severe depression.
Turtle can be started as a small creature that seems to be in a small and inexpensive. But after they mature, they grow to a size of 30cm and is big enough that it is not unusual. With the size of this place that they need the broad, high cost of screening equipment / filter and the high cost we should spend over time. Very useful to note, that the child turtle only worth two dollars just to buy it first. But the cost will be at least a hundred-fold from the initial purchase price to treat adult turtle with both (aquarium, heating, lighting and filters). This does not include possible additional costs to go to the vet and the food. With the cheap price, turtles are often purchased directly without long thought - how many people take this commitment if they know what is included in the maintenance of turtle that true?
Indeed, there is no one keeping turtles as a hobby if you want to really treat turtle with a serious and provide a supportive environment for the turtle is. There are thousands of turtles are a people who can provide care with both. Turtles are smart animals that can be valuable to be. We should not do is support the turtle trade.


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