Adonis Blue (Butterfly)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One butterfly is rare in the UK appeared again after nearly 40 years had never seen again. Butterfly Adonis Blue (Polyommatus bellargus) that only live in some place in the area of southern England have been included in the species to get the biggest priority attention.

The amount of the natural decrease during the last 50 years because their habitat in the form of pasture in the land of the broken limestone ber. However, the population increases seen again since the National Trust campaign to restore the habitat in Costwolds, Gloucestershire successful.

Adonis Blue usually live in the fields of short grass and rarely crawl up to the wide area. When infecting disease Myxomatosis in 1950s, so much so that the dead grass grow too high and butterfly habitat is not stable.

To restore the habitat character Adonis Blue, the lovers of the environment around the release of cattle pasture. So far, a large number of butterfly species of this type of habitat to come back in the region between Rodborough and Minchinhampton.

"Butterfly does not need to worry in a more. We estimate the Adonis Blue benefit with winter not too cold and summer heat and the more it will spawn between August and September this," said Matthew Oakes, butterfly expert and adviser National Trust.

"This is one of the swing that we like and we are very pleased to see it can go back to Costwolds," he said.


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