Deer Control

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Deer Control-Many deer in the United States, Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Caudate white deer or Virginia deer is usually found in most parts of the United States, and in the area of Alaska to Bolivia. Deer or mule deer caudate black only limited presence in the western United States.

Wapiti or red deer can be found in southern Canada, northern United States, Europe, and Asia. Meanwhile, giant deer are found in Europe and throughout the northern United States. Most of the deer live in open land and forests with diverse tree species, although deer also live in swamps, on mountains, or in the northern tundra. There, deer can eat leaves, branches, bark, and bud-bud bushes and young trees. Deer tend to live with the family group into the hind center, while the buck usually walk alone. However stag groups sometimes also, especially during the migration process. In the other groups, such as giant deer, and Chinese water deer, they are generally a pair of life. Caribou, deer of North America, if the forest is usually migrate between groups in the number of about a thousand head or more.

Ranch deer start to appear in the 1960s, and New Zealand is a country with a lot of deer farm, with about 3,500 farms with a total of 400 thousand deer tails.


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