Dinosaurs, weighing 42 tons..???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A number of researchers from George Mason University, Virginia dispute the results of research about the size of dinosaurs is circulating in the community to this day. The researchers say, the size of dinosaurs is disclosed in the previous research is less precise.

According to Geoffrey Birchard, a researcher from George Mason University, said the size of dinosaurs likely 50 percent smaller than the researchers had been presented previously.

"We still believe, if the animal is a giant dinosaurs, and we do not deny it, but to our estimate of the size of its weight is only half of that be," said Birchard.

Birchard cite, types of dinosaurs Apatosaurus louisae, which is the largest dinosaurs, is estimated to have 42 tons of weight. "Based on the latest research we may be weighed only 20 tons," he said.

Other types disclosed that George Mason University team, among others, Giraffatitan brancai (Brachiosaurus), previously considered to have weight 35 tons 18 tons only, whereas the previous Lourinhasaurus alenquerensis have 32 tons estimated weight only 17 tons.

Who led the research team believes Birchard, a component of the calculation is wrong on the previous research, because the researchers use the approach that there are animals such as elephants, to predict heavy dinosaurs.

Currently, researchers using the models that have statisk new level of accuracy is very high. Weight loss research using data that dinosaurs bones from dinosaurs bones.


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