Camel cloning results

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Although still a subject of debate among religious experts, some researchers are still developing cloning technology.

Recently, researchers from the Camel Reproduction Center (CRC), United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced an success camel for the first time in the world.

"This is the result of the camel cloning the first in the world," says CRC researcher Dr Nisar wani written as Times of India.

Female camel that has Injaz was' born 'on 8 April after researchers develop cloning technology for 5 years.

Injaz is the highest achievement in our research program, and this shows in the future if there will be a camel with the quality of milk productivity is very high,? a word other CRC researchers, Lulu Skidmore.

Previously, the world was introduced with the cloning of sheep, Dolly is' born 'in 1996 and survive for six years.


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